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direct referrals for ptc

In this today's article, you will learn about how to get direct referrals for PTC Paid To Click sites in an easy way.

If you are new here in my blog and haven't know what is PTC site is and how it works then you can read my previous article link: = > How to earn money online from PTC sites in that article I have covered all about PTC site, so if you don't know about PTC site then it's better to read that article before you read this.

And if you are already working on PTC sites but haven't gotten any idea to increase your direct referrals then you are here in right place, here in this article I'm going to share with you some secret strategies which you can't forget the sweetness of my strategies for ( direct referrals ) in your life.

So, don't forget to read this article till the end. In every paragraph of this article, I have added sweets for you so pay attention...

I think you are now excited to increase your direct referrals, so it's a good time to start.. let's begin.

If you already know better about the PTC site then leave these few paragraphs for newbies and if you haven't any idea about this then read each paragraph's paying full attention.

Firstly you have to know better about PTC sites so firstly I'm starting ( with what are PTC sites? ).

Short and sweet Answer: PTC stands for Pay-To-Click and is a paid advertisement that is displayed on the Website.

PTC sites usually offer an incentive to people who click on their ads. The amount of money that you get for clicking can be anywhere from $0.0001 to $2 or more depending on the site's pay scale.

These are websites that pay you to click on their ads and view their website.

It is similar to other forms of advertising but the difference is that instead of paying for the space, you are paid for the amount of time spent on viewing the ad.

The good thing about PTC sites is that they don't require a lot of effort or time like some other forms of advertising such as display ads.

You can also use them when your business needs more traffic than usual.

There are many PTC sites available in the market, where you can earn money by clicking ads.

Some of them offer only a few credits and others provide unlimited credits.

Some even offer additional features like playing games or taking surveys.

I will suggest you use Neobux to get started as it is a reliable and trusted PTC site with an easy interface for users.

PTC sites are popular among people who want to make money online.

It means that they pay you money every time for your clicks on their adverts.

This is the most common way of making money on PTC websites and it requires no investment.

You can use these sites for generating extra income or even part-time jobs while studying.

The more time you spend on the site, the more money you get paid.

PTC sites have some issues with it like:

- Not many users actually visit them because they don't know about them.

- The amount paid for each click is not very high and hence people won't be interested in watching ads there.

That's all about PTC sites and if you want to know more then search your query in our search box which you can find in the top right corner.

What is a referral program in PTC sites?

Before entering into PTC first we have to know what is referrals?

The referral is a word used to describe when someone recommends another person for a job or to use a service.

It can also be used in the same way as an example of an advertisement, e.g., I would like you to refer me to your friend.

When referring somebody, you should make sure that they are willing and able to do what you ask them to do before they start their task.

You should also check if they have all the skills needed and if they are capable of completing the work within the time frame expected by you.

If there is any question about their capability, it is best not to hire them because you will waste time looking for people who can actually do the job properly instead of wasting time finding people who don't know how and won't be able to perform well on tasks assigned by you!

Understand with another way: Referral is a marketing strategy in which a business rewards its customers for bringing in new customers.

It can be used to build loyalty and brand awareness, increase sales and revenue, and even generate additional income from the referral program.

For example, A shoe company might offer you $100 if you refer your friend to their website where they sell shoes at a discount.

Or you could get paid $50 if someone else referred them.

In addition, when the person that referred you makes a purchase on your behalf, you get another $50! The more people that use this service or product, the better chance of success it has.

So think about this; would you like to become an affiliate?

Referral program in PTC sites is a way of earning money by getting paid for referring people to other websites.

It is a common marketing technique used in PTC sites.

You get paid as per the number of referrals you make.

To start making money, you need to sign up with some PTC site and then create an account on that site where you will be able to send out your referral links to earn money for each person who signs up with your link and makes the payment using their PayPal or credit card accounts.

If your link gets more than one hundred visitors from your referral links, then you can request a bonus from the website administrator but it depends upon the website in which PTC sites you are working with.

The main reason to increase referrals is that when you refer someone to a PTC site, they get paid as well.

So if your referral makes $10 every month, you will get paid too.

The way this works is that first of all, you have to invite friends or family members to join your website by providing them with an incentive in the form of a free gift or some cashback, etc...

This way they would feel inclined to invite more people and help you to increase your direct referrals.

You can also mention other sites that are similar but better than yours so that they might switch over there as well.

Ways to get direct referrals in PTC sites

There is some method which can help you to increase referrals without paying any amount of money, here I have brought that method for you which helps you to increase your direct referrals without any investment in Advertising.

Get referrals by using traffic exchange sites

By traffic exchange websites you can easily increase referral on any PTC website.

You just need an account of a traffic exchange website.

Don't worry you don't need to pay a little amount of money there for account creation.

If you haven't an account on any traffic exchange website yet then find out the most popular traffic exchange website list in search engines like google to create your account.

Pick your referral link and submit it to that traffic exchange website where you are in.

Surf some other people's websites from that website then you will get some points on your account, assign those points to your referral link then other people will visit your link.

If your website or the referral program is user attractive your chance is very high to get signups in your referral link.

Join more traffic exchange websites to take more opportunities to increase referral.

When you think to choose the traffic exchange website, I recommend you create an account on and firstly then choose others.

Do you want to know, why I recommend this? Because the easyhits4u have lots of tools and functions which help you to increase referral and signups easily in a short time.

The followlike have good functions on their website which is very helpful to increase referrals or signup.

The one amazing function is task submission, you just pick your referral link and submit your link to task submission of followlike then assign some points on your referral link, you can easily get referral or signup from there in a short period.

Method to increase referral writing article in a blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to increase direct referral in any referral program.

If you have a google ranked blog on any blogging platform then you have more opportunities to increase referrals.

If you haven't blog yet, you can create one from any blogging platform.

The most popular and easy blogging platform these days is Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.

Creating a blog is easy but getting ranked by Google is hard.

For google rank, you have been needed the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization(S E O) to get a good rank in search engines like Google.

If your articles ranked on the first page of Google, you will get an excellent opportunity to increase direct referral in any PTC sites.

Don't worry about google rank, you can buy S E O books to solve this issue or you can learn SEO from youtube or any other website.

Do you want to ask me how to increase referrals by blogging?

If So,

Write a good SEO-friendly article on your blog about those sites which you would like to promote then build some links including your referral link and publish the article in your blog.

In this way, you can increase your referrals on PTC or any websites referral program by writing an article on your blog.

If you don't want to buy an SEO book or you haven't SEO skills yet then you can use another idea to get the visitor on your blog.

That is from social networks you can drive traffic to your blog through social networks.

You can drive visitors by writing messages to friends on WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

Increase referral by sharing your referral link on social networking websites

ad links :

In the online world, social networking sites play a main role in any place. More than millions of people are engaging in social networking websites in a day.

Today's most common and popular social network website is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Youtube, and so on.

Share your referral link in popular social networks to increase your referral.

When you share your referral link on social networks, write an attractive description about the site with an image that you are going to promote.

On Twitter and Facebook, you can use another great tool.

The tool which I'm saying is a third-party application that you can use to send a welcome message to new followers.

There are many apps and websites which provide auto message systems.

Choose one of them and share your referral link to new followers by a message.

You can increase some referrals by doing this.

Twitter methods

Do you have an account on Twitter? If not then create one because many peoples are engaging on Twitter these days so, you can get more referrals on your PTC or any website referral program using Twitter.

Do you want to know how to? to increase referrals using Twitter is have some hard sometimes but when your followers will increase then increasing referrals been easy anytime.

You can find referrals for PTC sites on Twitter in many ways, you just needed to increase your Twitter followers firstly.

You can get referrals from your tweet links, direct message, list, and so on.

When you tweet on Twitter just take the time to research hashtags because hashtags play an important role on Twitter if you have a good hashtag on your tweet you can get lots of benefits by hashtag.

Facebook methods

If you use Facebook, then from Facebook also you can attract people to become your referral.

From Facebook, you can get your direct referral in various ways.

Create a Facebook page and gain likes then share your referral link there.

How to create a Facebook page? Log in to your Facebook account and go to the navigation menu of facebook there you will see the "create page" link button, click that button then give the name of your page, select the category and subcategory of your page then click "create page" button. done!

How to get likes on your Facebook page

You can get many likes on your Facebook page if you are sharing good and attractive content there.

There are other methods that you can apply to get likes. That could be done using auto likers, like exchange websites like, etc.

Add a "signup" or "learn more" button on your page with your referral link to get more direct referrals on your PTC or any website's referral program.

Create a group and add many members to your Facebook group then post your referral link there with descriptive text, you can get some direct referral with this method.

Join other people's groups where many members have already joined, if the group is related to your referral link provider site then will be beneficial, you can get direct referrals on your referral program by this process.

Increase your Facebook followers and share your referral link in your timeline to get a direct referral.

You could also get a direct referral by sending a message to your friends or followers.

Instagram methods to increase direct referrals

Most people are using Instagram for sharing their photos and videos. In day-to-day life, Instagram is one of the most popular websites in the online world.

Do you use Instagram? If not then create an account there. Instagram helps you to increase your direct referrals on your PTC or any website referral program.

If you are already using Instagram user then you will succeed easily to get more direct referrals.

Do you know how? By creating photos and videos about your referral program provider websites.

Write good content about your referral link provider website then make a video by any video creator software, app, or website.

There are many websites, apps, and software are available on the internet for creating quality videos, find that and make some quality videos then promote your referral link through videos.

You can share your referral links including video content or invite people somewhere with help of video content.

Make attractive photos including your referral link then share on your Instagram timeline.

When you share your photos, writing good content about your referral link provider website will be better for people's engagement.

Instagram has another function, which you can use for increasing referrals, that you need to add your referral link in your bio.

On Instagram, you can add your website URL below of your biodata, add your referral link on that field to get direct referrals on PTC or any website referral program.

When someone follows you on Instagram, the follower may click your link and he/she can join if your referral program provider website has interesting for him.

When you start this work, change your Instagram account with the business account because there are high chances to get more followers in a business account.

Get more referrals using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular as compared to messenger apps. You can also use it for your referral program.

Create a WhatsApp group about something interesting and add many members to your group then add your referral link on the group description and share the link on the group.

This method is one easy to increase direct referrals.

If you think, it is hard to create a WhatsApp group then you can join the groups of other people.

You can increase your referrals by sharing the link on other WhatsApp groups.

When you share the link on other WhatsApp groups, write an interesting and attractive description about the referral link provider website, which will be a good advantage for you.

Invite your friends, family, and other relationship to join on the referral program provider website.

Write a good, attractive message about your referral link provider website to your friends and relatives including the referral link then send the message.

You can get some referrals from there, this is one of the good ideas for getting referrals.

Get referrals by commenting and writing reviews on apps or website

Search for blogs in search engines, find which is related to your referral link provider website then do a comment including your referral link.

Search an app that is related to your referral link provider website then write a review for that app including the referral link. You can get referrals from there.

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