How to Remove / Hide Titles of blogger / Blogspot Blog Posts

In today's article, I'm going to tell you about, How to Remove titles from blogger/Blogspot posts.

But before we know that first, we have to know about the importance of the title in the SEO of blogger  / Blogspot, so let's begin with the importance of the title in Blogspot SEO.

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The only way to understand SEO is to write content that people want to link to. After all, search engines are just spiders that crawl the web and find things for us to read on the internet. They don’t care where you rank on the list, they only care about the content you provide.

The first step in any SEO campaign is to rank for your target keyword(s). By understanding how ranking algorithms work, we can optimize our content for search and make sure we’re producing relevant, shareable content that readers can’t wait to link to.

SEO has many components, but one of the most important is your title tag. This is the very first thing that Google will see on your page and it needs to be optimized for search.

Because of this, SEO experts often recommend that you write a new title tag for each blog post, especially if yours are long. Google’s algorithm gives extra weight to the words in your title tag, so don’t cut corners.

A title is the first thing people see when they visit your page. It's the first thing Google sees too, and it has a big impact on how well that page ranks in the SERPs.

To rank well for any keyword phrase, you need to make sure your title matches up with what people are searching for.

Ever wonder why some article titles get dozens of shares while most others only get a few?

The answer is simpler than you think. It's all about the title.

An article with a high-quality title will often be shared many more times than one with a lower quality title.

Great article titles are crucial for viral content. And the best way to create a great title is to focus on one of the two following elements:

Focus on something your audience cares about. The best way to do this is by listening and paying attention to what your audience asks you, consults you about, and what they comment on. It’s no surprise that most viral posts are related to a trending topic or newsworthy event in some way, but it doesn’t have to be directly related. For example, after the death of Prince in 2016, there was a surge in shares of posts.

Remove/Hide Post title from Blogger/Blogspot Blog

Do you want to know how to hide the post title of a blogger blog? If you have interest to know about this so pay a little attention to my blog post. Here is a complete tutorial on how to hide the title of a blogger blog.

All new blogs of have shown the title on every post by default. Some of your page visitors may hate this and some page visitors may want this, the blogger's post title can give an advantage sometimes and it gives us a disadvantage sometimes.

The most common problem of has comes from the post title, description, blog title, robot.txt, robot header text, widgets, and so on. Keep subscribing to my blog I will share with you all the problem-solving guides.

If you are a new blogger of then you must need to know all blogging methods and tricks of Blogspot because that knowledge helps you to increase the popularity of your blog. Let's start to learn how to hide the post title of the blogger blog with my story.

In some cases, we should constraint to hide our blog post title of the blogger blog.

At that time you must know that concern for solving your constraint.

Before some days that constraint happens also with me, but that wasn't my constraint, that is my appetite for hiding all blog post titles.

I try to find it on google to achieve my appetite. But I cannot be able to get the best result for it.

Aback, I think a new idea on my mind. The idea is to "view source code of my blog". Then I view the source code of my blog and I  understand the clear about it.

By the way, today I'm sharing an idea to hide the all post title of blogger blog. You just pay a little attention here to know this idea.

Now start talking to you about "How to hide blog post title of blogger blog."

To do this thing, you need some basic knowledge of web development.

Before doing this you have immediate to think, about what you will do, here is the two option for you. Read carefully.

How to remove the title of a single blog post

To hide your single post title, you just need to use simple HTML and CSS code. That code is <style>.post-title{display:none;}</style>. You just have to write this code on your blog post. You are done.

Remove all blog post titles of blogger blog.

To Remove all post titles follow the steps below :

  1.  Firstly you need to go to the Theme tab from your blogger dashboard
  2. Click Customize then go to Advanced setting
  3. There you will see an option that is " Add CSS" 
  4. Click that and add this code .post-title{display: none;} then click save. You have done.

If you think it hard to do it then you can use another method. Do you want to know that method? If yes then read here and keep it on your mind.

Actually,, on, you don't need to write your post title on the Blogspot/blogger title field or on an HTML post, because the search engines consider the <h1>tag</h1> of HTML as post title. If you haven't used heading one tag on your post then search engines take any of your headings as post title.

Hope this article helps you to remove the title from blogger / Blogspot

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